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The Fastest Bible Search on the Planet

Hi, I'm Philipp, a Berlin based software developer and proud dad.

I wrote this fast Bible search tool in my spare time and there are a few things I would like to improve or implement in the future:

  • A fuzzy text search that tolerates typos and different spellings.
  • Integrate more Bible texts!
  • Improve Old English search (e.g. worship/worshippeth, thou/you)
  • Search for context, synonyms and commentary.
  • Translate the search interface into different languages.
  • Improve support for German umlauts, e.g. ü -> ue
  • Import dictionaries for better search
  • For some languages (e.g. Vietnamese) accented characters are important and the accents should not be ignored.
  • Add support for Chinese and Arabic.
  • Read the results in their context.
  • ... any ideas? Send me an email!

You are welcome to support this project in any way!